Grow Moringa Academy

Learn How to Optimize Your Space & Ecology

What Big Ag Doesn't Want You To Know

Moringa BioStimulant nurtures the soil that feeds our plants. It's a different way to approach and solve the ecology problems we all share; all too often corrupt politicians are paid to advocate for industries that cause environmental issues. We offer systematic solutions that benefit the health, wealth and relationships of We The people. Moringa BioStimulant is the Bee's Knees! Everyone should know about this stuff!

What Pharma Doesn't Want You To Know

People who consume Moringa often stop regular consumption of Midol or Viagra. We pose a NATURAL threat to take market share from the makers of lab created pharmaceuticals.

7 MAJOR Benefits of Moringa

  • FULL PROTEIN Plant Based Solution.
  • World's Most Nutrient Dense Vegetable with 92 Nutrients & 46 Antioxidants
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic
  • Organic energy and "mojo*" booster.
  • The industry's most pricy lotions or serums use Moringa. Moringa is a core component in health healing the body inside & out.
  • Rejuvenating factors of Moringa oils can be consumed or used externally and internally.
  • As much as it does for humans, it also helps feed our soil as a BioStimunlant.

3 HUGE Benefits of Joining the

Grow Moringa Academy

  • Help secure the Local Supply Chain. Gain Eligibility for the Moringa Growers Coop.
  • Learn How Local Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture can SAVE OUR SOIL. Graduates of the course receive a Moringa Growers Certificate. Personal & Commercial Certifications available.
  • Get 1st access and invitations to all our products, promotions, and small batch limited pre-order announcements.

#1 Reason to Join Our Community Video Newsletter!

  • Students get to learn from the industry's best! Kendrick Henry, Father of Farmitecture.

Meet the Florida Team of Moringa Advocates

Kendrick Henry, M.Arch.

Grow Moringa Academy Founder

Father of Farmitecture

"I suffered with digestive and colon issues for years. Moringa solved that for me. Now I want to help others."

Local Farmer From Florida

Plant City, Florida

USF, Alumni

Jason Rashidnia

Web 3.0 Marketing Intelligence

Agricultural Data Science

People are denied full nutrition and I'd like to help solve food desserts. The miracle tree moringa plant offers solutions to many world problems.

Tampa Bay Early Bitcoin Educator

Palm Harbor, Florida

Wharton Alumni

Benjamin Horbowy

Business Development

Grassroots Campaigns

My Texan grandpa taught me about merchandising boutique produce. I can't wait to introduce to the market this wonderful BioStimulant that will help feed millions of people around the world.

SmartFlorida™ Think Tank

Tallahassee, Florida

Founder of QlickFlo™

3 Things You Need!

Better Health, Wealth, & Relationships

Moringa has all three. We offer premium quality from tested soil. Cheaper products give suboptimal results; we do not specialize in cheap. We offer the best with very fair pricing. Seriously, this stuff is Military Medical Grade™ and gets the job done right the first time!

We offered subscriptions for the greatest value as well as one time orders.

  • Monthly Consumable Moringa Supply: 4oz of Oil & 250g of Powder

  • Moringa BioStimulant .5L



Numa Moringa

4oz Oil & 250g Powder


Numa BioStimulant .5L

*Moringa is a natural "mojo" booster.

"Mojo" is a casual term for that feeling that gives you a little extra "ummpft" in your stride.

There's no need for caffeine shots any more, you have Moringa.

**Ask your doctor for more info on how this plant can effect your health.

(Lawyers made me say that about asking your medical doctor. The same type of lawyers and doctors who have hidden this plant from the main stream for too long.)

But wait, there's more...



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